October 29, 2016


It's  a great news to me when i saw the applications open for the DC at cutecutblog, it's just a few months back i started following this blog when i saw link...to be honest i loved the tasks,themes for the challenges here. Works of Designers are so amazing and inspiring.By then i started following i took part in few challenges as well which i love to do...I want to give a try heart fully to check out my luck, and the reason behind this is i would love to make more creative projects and adventures when you have so cool team and inspirations,at same time well planned themes for tasks. 
Well to say about my work...i love mixed media and some texture on any of my project.I also love to make my hands messy with painting which i just for myself..At times with a mood swing i grab papers or scarp to give added beauty to them. i will be just waiting for the day of results..my heart beats so fast till then.

I love all works and to select five out of them is difficult job for me atlast :)

see you soon...

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