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January 11, 2017

                     Hello, my dear... Welcome to my blog

            I am Roshini, Mom for a cute and little naughty 4year boy, Ayaan...Besides my son I love crafting and designing, I am a passionate crafter since my childhood. I am currently working as a Designer for films at Ramoji film city.

        I was a freelancer and craft teacher in the past...I love working with different medium and bases...I love making my hands messy in crafting...Though I love working with all kinds of materials and medium, moreover partial towards mixed media.

        I design using Corel draw, Adobe illustrator, Auto cad...and thus I love to make my own stencils and stamps, own Digi images.

As I said I love mixed media and altered art, I just cant imagine my life without it now, I cant leave any scratch to turn in to a project or use it somehow in my work...I love to turn the empty bottles and flea market findings to awesome designer stuff.

I enjoy my life making my hands messy with paints and inks, I get inspired with all the surroundings,markets even sometimes the scrap in the backyard. I see the world in different colors and my dream is to see my works in a better place. Waiting for the right time and best platform to showcase it.

          Every project of mine is having a perfect and clear idea and option on how to utilize or customize it according to any requirement, so I don't make anything just for a sake.

 Thank you so much for visiting...I will am happy if you leave some love here...See you on my follower's list.

Here is my Contact list on social media to get in touch with me:

Facebook -     Roshini Crafts
Pintrest    -      roshinicrafts
Email       -      roshini1290@gmail.com
Instagram  -    roshinicrafts

Much Love,


  1. absolutely love your work Roshini, thanks so much for showing it to us

    1. thank you so much wendy, I am happy that you visited my blog.


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